GFF Archive

GFF library and archives

Our library and archives as well as our office are located in Nuremberg:


Opening Time:

2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

During these hours the available titles can be consulted. The library currently comprises several thousand genealogical papers and printed documents of a local historical or genealogical nature. Moreover, in our office rooms you can ask our voluntary assistants for advice. Members can obtain a library and archives index on CD-ROM (Index Personarum).

About 200 family registers and family books belong to the most valuable objects of our archives. Among them are about 70 family registers and family books from the Middle and Lower Franconian area, compiled by Fritz Maegerlein (List).

Furthermore included is a collection of about 60 matricles of parishes from the Muehlviertel and the Salzkammergut (Austria), compiled by Josef Heider (List), which is of particular importance for expatriate research.


We include your research findings in our archives

Genealogical research takes a lot of work. The results should therefore be made available to others as well in order to avoid unnecessary double work. For this reason the GFF asks its members to let it have a copy or data file of genealogical publications. Even partial results and research findings of non-members are welcome to be included in our archives as long as they have any relationship with our Franconian research area. If someone fears that the findings from his family research might get lost after his death due to lack of interest, we recommend making corresponding provisions in good time.