Making enquiries and getting in touch with the GFF

We provide advice to our members, but also to all other genealogists on their genealogical research work. Our voluntary assistants help you in searching for your ancestors, but only in documents in our library or archive. We  make no resarch in state or church archives! All genealogists got all available information and data independent of whether they are member or not. 

Our Society is mainly financed by membership fees and donations. In order to be able to maintain and enlarge our extensive archives and our library, we therefore have to charge a minimum fee of 15.- EUR for handling genealogical enquiries. For enquiries from abroad we have to charge a minimum fee of 20.- EUR due to the higher costs. Consider how much time and travelling costs a written enquiry will save you. Members are granted two free enquiries per year.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee in any way to find the desired information. The result greatly depends on the source material. Investigations or research work which go beyond the resources of our Society cannot be accepted.
If you wish, you are welcome to visit us in our archives and seek advice from our assistants (of course, free of charge).

We ask you to direct all enquiries in writing to the following address:

Gesellschaft fuer Familien-
forschung in Franken e. V.
Vordere Cramergasse 13
90478 Nuremberg


Before you write us,

you are requested to observe the following:

  • For resarch we only use the GFF database, our GFF library and archive. We  make no resarch in state or church archives!
  • We regret that we are unable to answer genealogical enquiries, that deliver not enough information on the person(s) to be searched for!
  • You can make it much easier for us to deal with your search enquiries, if you provide us with as detailed information as possible on the person to be searched for or his/her ancestors or descendants (please do not forget to state the confession).
  • Please typewrite your enquiries or write them by computer. If this is not possible for you, write at least the names of places and persons in capital letters!
  • Keep in mind that we cannot translate all national languages into German. Therefore, if possible, send us your enquiry in German or English!
  • For reasons of data protection we can only pass on to you information from the time before 1900.
  • If we have information or data, we will send you a mail with the request for a payment via PayPal. Please do not send us any bank cheques from abroad as the redemption charges often exceed the amount stated on the cheque.
  • We hope you will understand that dealing with your enquiry may take up to several weeks. Almost every day we receive enquiries from at home and abroad which have to be handled by our few voluntary assistants in their free time.

Bank account

IBAN: DE87 5206 0410 0003 5043 10
Evangelische Bank Nürnberg

PayPal: schatzmeister@gf-franken.de